Support Center, Tasks App and Slider menu

It's been a month since my last post, but rest assured I'm still working on the website every single day. tasks

As those who have been using the website have probably noticed, we've simplified the navigation system. All your most commonly accessed dropdown menus are up top (notifications, messages and spaces), and everything that you don't use very often has been moved out of the way and into the slide out hamburger navigation menu. The space menu still shows the space icon when you're in a space, so nothing was lost in this change. However I must confess that this menu is not yet complete. For example, it doesn't close when you click a link or click outside of it. It also doesn't have swipe support yet, but those things are coming. The latter might not be possible to implement in the website, but the app will definitely have it.

Another thing you may have noticed for a week or two is a couple of major bugs that broke the newsfeed and the like button. We're happy to report that these bugs were squashed days ago and only took so long to fix because I was not aware of them. I was busy in real life for some time, thinking everything was working fine on the website, and no one reported the bug so I didn't find out until I had time to check. Sadly when most people encounter a bug, they simply leave the website instead of reporting it so I can fix it. I think this is because people are used to giant websites/apps where the bugs they report never get fixed, and they assume that even if they don't report it, someone else probably did.

Anyway, onto my favorite part: the new stuff!

The most exciting thing I added recently is the Tasks App. This app brings organization, time management and workflows to Snip.City. I've been using it daily to keep track of the things I need/want to do/fix/add to the website and I don't know how I ever lived without something like this. I also added additional features for those who use it within spaces, so that they can "assign" certain people to certain tasks/projects and even assign "responsible" users to supervise and even require their approval before finishing a task. I can't wait till everyone tries it and gives me feedback.

Last but not least, we're proud to announce that we're no longer using an external knowledge base service. You can get all your help articles in the new Support Space. It probably doesn't look as glamorous and it lacks some nice touches like a ticketing system and better formatting options, but the important thing is that it shows just how flexible Snip.City is in what it allows you to do. It's also one less external service we need to rely on, deal with and pay for. Our main issue now is the same as ever, the lack of help articles. So if anyone wants to volunteer some of their time to write some help articles for us, we would be very grateful!

It would be nice if we could do the same for our status page service, but it's probably a good idea to keep that on separate servers so that it can still work if our website faces downtime.

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