Terms and Conditions are up!

I know, nobody cares about legal stuff. It's boring, but also necessary. You may not need to read every licence agreement that you agree to, but we as a company need to have one regardless to cover our own ass. The latter half of ours doesn't even need to be read. It was copied from someone else's term sheet just to provide us with immunity in case someone tries to sue us claiming their aunt got cancer because of us or something.

What is definitely interesting though and should be read by everyone is the Conditions/Community Standards section. We are aware that many users are interested in Snip.City as a social media alternative to the "nazi" giants, with all their rules about what you can and can't post. And while we have definitely been on the wrong end of those rules in the past and felt unfairly punished because of them, we now acknowledge that it is important to have some rules in place. That said, we are still proudly a lot more liberal than our more popular counterparts.

We tried to keep our Conditions very simple: No illegal stuff, and no harassment. The former is quite straight forward. Nothing that is illegal everywhere and/or objectively wrong like child pornography, revenge porn and terrorist activity. To clarify, this refers to all kinds of terrorist activity, not just in the traditional sense. Bulling also falls under that definition. Which brings us nicely into the no harassment policy. We'd like to maintain a respectful environment here on Snip.City. Regardless of how you may feel about bullying or "sensitivity" or any other related topics, these are our rules that we intend to enforce. If it's that difficult for you to be respectful, then simply do not use our website. Now of course we aren't against humor, by any means. But if someone is not having a good time, then it crosses over into bullying.

Another thing we needed to talk about in our terms is who we are, what we do and how we make our money. That last part has been a crucial issue for us not just for our users, but also as part of creating our identity. We decided early on that we're not going to use ads or any other shady ways of making money. So the question is, how do we. The first answer was "donations". While this is worrisome because it effectively relies on people's good will and generosity for our entire existence, it also offers the level of freedom and ease that I want my users to have. Donations will remain our main source of income, but we will supplement it by charging a fee on sales made through our website. What this means is that people are free to use our website like classifieds, to post personal advertisements either on their profile or in specific groups, but we will charge a percentage of the sale price. Another way we intend to monetize is by offering certain additional features for a fee. For now, we only have one such feature, and that is Custom Pages. We will host any page you want on our website at https://snip.city/p/yourpage. You can even choose a custom URL for it. These pages can be fully customizeable through markdown or HTML. Or they could simply redirect to an existing website that perhaps doesn't have an attractive domain name. Note that these custom pages will be subject to our Terms and Conditions.

And that's all the boring legal stuff we got to talk about. I also did some other stuff yesterday. I updated the site-wide footer to include links to the Blog, T&C and Contact Us, in addition to the existing Privacy Policy link. This footer is persistent across our entire main site and also our emails. These links will be added to the Blog footer as well. I improved the Blog's security to match that of our main site, even though I'm the only one who logs into it to make posts. I set up Kofi and added a widget so you can support us. I attempted to implement a platform for collaborating on text/code simultaneously, but ended up scrapping that due to how niche and buggy it is. I also took another shot at making the app. I had tried twice before and failed. This time I gained some serious insight into how it would all work and reached the conclusion that I need a professional to do it. So that's currently on hold until we start receiving donations, but it's definitely at the top of our list of priorities. I tried to set up a Discord announcement channel that would live in a widget on our website, but that also fell through. Maybe tomorrow.

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