SSO - Login using Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or GitHub

SSO is live.

You can now skip the sign up process by logging in using your favorite online services. If you're already logged into one of them, you can click their button on the Snip.City login screen and accept the following prompts and you'll be ready to use the site in seconds. No email confirmation required. No entry of information required. Not during sign up or during sign in.

This also means that on subsequent visits to the site, rather than entering your credentials, a mere click on the corresponding button will have you signed in instantly.

For those who have already created an account using an email address, don't worry. You can still take advantage of this. All you need to do is go into your account settings and connect the account of your choice. That is: Account settings > Settings > Connected Accounts.

In terms of privacy, we only ask for basic information from your Facebook/Google/LinkedIn/GitHub account. Basic information includes: First name, Last name and email address. Some social networks provide more information by default, but this is the information we use. We use this information to automatically fill in your profile information to speed up the sign up and sign in process. The information we request is visible during this process. In some cases, you are able to modify the permissions you allow to us and enter your information manually instead. You are also able to verify and modify the information we pull from your social media account before continuing the sign up process. And of course, all this information can easily be changed later on in your profile. Except for your name. We currently do not allow users to change their name. If you need to change your name for whatever reason, please contact us at admin@Snip.City so we can handle your request.

In the future, we might also implement support for logging in using Twitter and Microsoft accounts, or even other services, if there is interest.

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