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I haven't posted at all this week. Not because I didn't want to. Things went a little crazy around here.

The day after my last post, I was contacted by OnlyOffice and informed that we have been approved to use their Cloud Service for free. I wasn't able to get the integration right though, so I set it aside for the time. I've also been looking at Zoho's Office services. I'm generally a fan of Zoho because while they are as diverse as Google, they are pretty privacy-friendly. And in case you're wondering why I don't just use Google Docs, well, it's Google. As much as I love Google, I am wary about their power and even though I personally still trust them, I don't feel comfortable trusting them with user data. I'm trying to keep Snip.City as independent as possible, which means being very careful who I work with and what services I integrate into the website, in order to make sure they can be trusted with the information they request from us about our users. The end goal is to be 100% independent, using self-hosted servers and only opensource software. Until then, we're doing our best.

I did a few little visual touch ups that I'd been meaning to, like changing the social media login buttons from grey to using the color of each service. I added a floating help widget, that I have since updated with a newer model that also shows help articles before allowing users to submit tickets. Another thing I wanted to touch up was the emails we send. I wanted to change something about them, and whenever you want to change anything, you need to test it repeatedly before you're happy with it. In the case of emails, I have to send them to myself to see how they look. But if I sent myself two emails, Microsoft would assume I'm a spammer and add my website to a spam blocklist. Of course I could just have myself removed, but 1. it takes a while for Microsoft to recognize that I was removed and 2. I couldn't keep doing that. I needed a real solution.

Long story short, I spent 4 days trying to rebuild the mail server, meaning we were unable to receive or send emails during that time. And on the last day, I broke the whole website. The main one as well as the blog. I won't bore you with the technical details, but it was a database issue. What matters is that 24 hours later, I fortunately found a backup from that same day and used it, instantly restoring functionality to the main website. But the blog stayed down. I was too overwhelmed with other stuff at the time that I figured I'd fix it later. That later is today. Our blog is back up and working fine as ever. Our mail server is back up and working better than ever. I'm proud to say that none of our emails have been filtered to spam since then!

Oh, and we're selling a limited number of email addresses. If you'd like to get your hands on one and be one of the first few to have one, hit us up at

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