Hello World! Our Snip.City Blog is finally live!

Hello World!

I've been wanting to start this blog since the website was deployed. I want it to be a way for me to publish updates about our service in one place and be able to keep you guys in the loop about our progress with the website, the ups and downs and simply share insights relevant to our themes of privacy, security, user-friendliness, productivity and collaboration.

I decided to create this website because, like most people I know, I'm tired of Facebook's shit. From the lag and stuttering to the endless tracking which gives us those fantastically spooky ads and the selling of our data to anyone willing to pay to the silly banning and disabling of accounts for the silliest of reasons and having to give them even more information about yourself in order to "verify your identity". Not to mention how much time Facebook manipulates you into wasting on their platform, either through games or senseless arguments or even those dramatic notifications that "Someone you barely know said something on a post in a group you have absolutely nothing to do with. Go look!" I had enough.

No more. I NEEDED a better alternative, and there wasn't one. Many have switched over to Twitter or Reddit, but I couldn't get into either. For about a week, I kept subtly bringing up how we need a new social network, and beyond suggestions of other platforms we could join, I saw little enthusiasm. So I decided to take it upon myself to make it happen, because clearly no one else was willing to do it.

Since I was doing this, I figured I should do it properly. Every single problem with Facebook will be a central focal point. No ads, no tracking, no mishandling of user information, no algorithms designed to make you waste your time, no buggy/laggy user experience bloated with useless features designed to solicit more of your time and data. I wanted to make something simple. Simple, yet complete. Simple, yet elegant. It had to be extremely secure to make sure I am worthy of the trust that my users place in me when they give me their data. But that wasn't enough. I wanted value adds. I wanted to take it beyond simply being a social network and actually make it useful for productivity and collaboration. I wanted it to be a one stop shop for all your communication needs. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Docs, mail, SMS, all wrapped in one minimalistic package that provides you with everything you need to get things done and nothing that will get in the way.

Give it a try. It's completely free and always will be. I only make money through donations, in order to keep my motives pure. No ad revenue, no selling or renting of user data, no investors only interested in the bottom line, nothing to challenge my priority of providing a satisfactory social media experience. I only want your money if you genuinely appreciate what I'm doing and fighting for and would like to support it. Snip.City is very proudly not a business.

This article is my oldest. It is 519 words long.