Bookmarking system added!

What is bookmarking? Say you're scrolling down your feed and you see an interesting post. You want to read it, but you're running late. Instead of losing it forever, we bring you bookmarks.

You're now able to bookmark posts, by clicking the Set Bookmark button on the post itself, right next to the comment button, which adds that post to a special page accessible from your Go To menu (or your Top Bar if you're on a desktop). That page is the home of all your bookmarks. Of course, bookmarks don't have to be permanent either. You can remove them at any time.

By default, bookmark notifications are turned off. But if you'd like to be notified when someone bookmarks your posts, you can do that through the settings menu.

What's even cooler is that, if you want, you can make your bookmarks show up on your profile! This is done by enabling the module in Settings > Modules.

Of course, one or more of these options may not have appealed to you. Hell maybe none of them did, in which case feel free not to use any of them. We believe very strongly in personal choice and customization, which is why most of our features are opt-in. Nothing is forced on you. You are free to only use whatever you want. Want to use a feature? Enable it. Want to stop using one? Disable it. Want to use one but not on your profile? You can use it on your space. Want to use one that doesn't exist? Get in touch. It might already be in the works, or maybe you'll be bringing it to our attention for the first time. The opportunities are endless.

That's not the only thing I've been up to though. Another really cool thing I setup today is the sidebar toggle. This allows mobile users for the first time to see the sidebar that was previously only visible to desktop users. The sidebar commonly includes widgets like friends, latest activity and for Space admins, they give you a widget to easily approve or deny member requests. Pretty cool!

Another widget you can find in the sidebar is our Patreon donation widget, which you should totally consider donating to if you appreciate what we're doing!

I've also released the first official beta version of the Android App today. It's here if you want to browse Snip.City even faster on your phone. The app already supports all our features, but it does have a couple of bugs still. For example it cannot remove members from Spaces nor change their roles. It also cannot share to Telegram either.

Have I mentioned that yet? Oh yeah. I also added the option to share posts to Telegram today. Of course, as a very popular private and secure chat app, we felt we had to include this option for our privacy-conscious users and also as a nudge to encourage those who don't use Telegram yet to start using it. It's not only private and secure, it's also far better than the competition. The only thing it lacks is the popularity and the user base, because they don't have the marketing budgets of the big boys. So this is us helping them out because we believe in them, without receiving any compensation for it. That said, if anyone from Telegram is reading this, feel free to get in touch.

Acclaim badges are coming soon, for those who are into that. We're also going to be switching support providers. The new help widget is not as attractive, but it is more minimal. I'm not saying it's ugly, but the old (current) one is over the top attractive. Neither of them automatically picks up the user's email address though to simplify the ticket-sending process. We've requested it from our current provider and they said they're working on it. That was like a week ago. Plus a bunch of other small stuff that made me decide I might as well give those other guys a shot. Spoiler alert, these guys might be able to give us a chat bot. Like a decent, helpful one. Not one of those sex bots that randomly add you out of nowhere.

What a weird note to end this on. Bask in the awkwardness as I intentionally not fix it.

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